SAT-7 Academy Keeps Children Informed During Coronavirus Plague

Even during a pandemic, SAT-7 Kids continues to produce and distribute programming (Screenshot courtesy of SAT-7)

Last week, we told you that despite pandemic-induced working conditions, SAT-7 is hard at work producing consistent content for their dedicated viewers. Many audiences need education programming, spiritual connections, and health information more than ever before.

And it seems no demographic needs SAT-7 more than kids.

SAT-7 Kids focuses on engaging children with spiritual, academic, and entertaining content. In the words of Juliana Sfeir, manager of SAT-7’s Academy channel: “They reach out to our followers at the heart of their struggles and give answers to their needs in an artistic, visually engaging, and very entertaining way.

Sfeir’s Academy channel exemplifies this. The channel focuses on providing educational programming for everyone, regardless of social status, gender, religion, or ethnicity. From health issues to social rights, Academy covers it all. They use SAT-7 channels as well as social media outlets such as Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube to keep kids informed and engaged. They produce quiz shows, educational segments, home videos, and more.

The “backbone of SAT-7 Academy,” according to Sfeir, is a program called My School. The program teaches viewers new languages, engages them in conversation with SAT-7 staff, and seeks to answer the questions on kids’ minds. With My School and other programs, SAT-7 engages with kids so they can keep content targeted at the right issues.

“We always ask them, ‘Was this good for you? Do you understand that? Do you want something else?’ And it’s giving them an opportunity for the viewers and for the followers to say, ‘Hey, why don’t you talk about this issue? There’s a huge need to talk about that issue.’”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt


  • Pray for SAT-7 Academy to continue its positive influence on kids.
  • Ask God to use SAT-7 programming to keep kids healthy, safe, and compassionate.
  • Thank Him for the work SAT-7 has been able to do even during a pandemic.