Russia Becoming a New Coronavirus Hotspot

Through SGA, you can support people in Soviet Russia and the former Soviet Union. (Photo courtesy of SGA on Facebook)

As Russia struggles under COVID-19, the Church there has been bringing aid and sharing the Gospel. Now you can help.

Russia has become a new hotspot for COVID-19 cases. The country now has the second most confirmed infections after the United States, with actual numbers suspected to be quite higher.

Russia has sent a lot of mixed messages about COVID-19, first declaring control over the virus before asking for help as case numbers rise. At the same time, Russia lifted many of its work restrictions over a week ago. Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association says, “The evidence on the ground is that people are suffering economically and through the health issues. And the hospitals are overwhelmed.”

Mock says most of the news about Russia has been filtered through the lens of Moscow and other large cities in the western part of the country. “Outside Moscow, there were already regions where people lived in pretty difficult conditions. Healthcare is not quite as good as it is in Moscow. People were already in the middle of a difficult life, much more difficult than we have here. And so what we’re trying to do is help the Churches help these families that are suffering even more.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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  • Pray COVID-19 will recede in Russia, and that many Russians will turn to Christ.