InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Doesn’t Know If Colleges and Universities Will Re-open in the Fall

(Photo courtesy of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship via Becket Law Media Kit)

Let’s talk about the big question hanging over every college student – what will my college do for the fall semester? The pandemic put much of life on hold, and while some areas are going back to semi-normal, universities have a tough call.

York Moore with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has met with several college and university leaders across the U.S. to discuss what the future holds. He says, “The honest answer is really nobody knows. I know that some universities are starting to make the decision not to open back up in-class, in-person learning and that’s really tough. My guess is that we’re going to see a real mixture of universities deciding to bring students back versus e-learning as we continue on in the fall.

“There’s a financial reality to this as well. It’s not just about keeping students safe. It’s also about running the business of the university. That might sound callous but universities are not charities. They’re not non-profits. They are in business, many of them, to make money. So we’re going to have to see.”

It’s not just higher education that’s impacted by fall semester plans.

Moore says, “Think all about the implications that this has for the small-businesswoman that sets up a deli down the street from a major university, the dry cleaners,…all kinds of businesses that kind of rely on the ecosystem of the university. Campus ministries are no exception. We might not be for-profit small businesses down the street, but the reality is we depend on the ecosystem of the university to exist.

“Regardless, I think we’re in for a new normal. The new normal is going to require people to modify their behavior, including campus ministries. So we’re really gearing up with our partners and within InterVarsity to ask those questions [and] answer those questions. What will be our contingency plan as we return to any kind of circumstance?”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray wisdom for campus Gospel ministries as they reach college students during the pandemic.
  • Ask God to stir spiritual revival on college campuses across the US.