Dr. Al Sharpton hosts “Faith In Action” live discussion on handling the coronavirus plague crisis with Pastor Freddy Haynes, Pastor Rudolph McKisick, Pastor Jamal Bryant, and Dr. Lakeesha Walrond; Whether you agree with them or not, when it comes to communication these are some gifted negroes and to his credit Dr. Sharpton made each preacher give the people the Word of God

Rev. Al Sharpton and NAN presents “Faith in Action”, a live discussion featuring notable religious leaders, Pastor Jamal Bryant of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia; Reverend Dr. Lakeesha Walrond, President of New York Theological Seminary; Pastor Freddy Haynes of Friendship West Baptist in Dallas Texas and Bishop Rudolph McKisick of the Bethel Experience in Jacksonville, Florida. The discussion will cover various topics including how to lead and how to practice faith during Covid-19.


Rev. Al Sharpton, President & Founder, NAN

Pastor Jamal Bryant, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Lithonia GA

Rev. Dr. Lakeesha Walrond, President of NY Theological Seminary

Pastor Freddy Haynes, Friendship West Baptist, Dallas TX

Bishop Rudolph McKisick, The Bethel Experience, Jacksonville FL


The discussion will be available on Facebook Live



Monday, May 4, 2020


7:30pm – 8:30pm – EST