Believers in Oral Cultures Finding Ways to be Jesus’ Hands and Feet During Coronavirus Lockdown

(Photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide)

The coronavirus has put a damper on the ministry models of ministries that rely on face-to-face interaction. Even Zoom and Skype aren’t helpful in communities with limited technology.

Spoken Worldwide works with oral learners around the world to communicate Gospel stories and truths. But in an oral culture, trying to share Jesus without meeting in person is like fishing in a cornfield; it just doesn’t work.

Ed Weaver with Spoken Worldwide says during the COVID-19 pandemic, their local teams around the world are getting creative and making connections in safe, new ways.

One of those ways is by being the hands of Jesus and helping meet physical needs in their communities.

“We’ve certainly had some fields of ministry that are driven more by, ‘Hey, more afraid of starving to death than we are of the virus.’ So those particular pockets of ministry have focused on those things that will sustain life,” Weaver says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network Network, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for believers around the world to be encouraged as they serve communities in the pandemic.
  • Ask God to preserve the outreach of Gospel ministries like Spoken Worldwide.