New York Times’ Front Page Features Names of 1,000 Coronavirus Victims as U.S. Approaches 100,000 Dead

A powerful New York Times cover features the names of 1,000 people who have died from the coronavirus – but they are just one per cent of the total death toll.

The striking front page of Sunday’s paper was shared across social media platforms on Saturday evening and had the headline: ‘U.S. deaths near 100,000, an incalculable loss.’

‘They were not simply names on a list. They were us,’ the page reads.

Attached to each person’s name is their age and a few details about their lives.

Names continue to be listed inside, along with an essay from Times reporter Dan Barry.

The project was spearheaded by Simone Landon, assistant editor of the Graphics desk for the New York Times, who wanted to show the ‘vastness and the variety of lives lost.’

Landon and her colleagues also felt that ‘both among ourselves and perhaps in the general reading public, there’s a little bit of a fatigue with the data,’ the New York Times reports.

‘We knew we were approaching this milestone,’ Landon added. ‘We knew that there should be some way to try to reckon with that number.’

Landon thought of the idea of compiling obituaries and death notices of coronavirus victims, using clips from newspapers across the United States.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Matthew Wright