Missouri Hairstylist With Coronavirus May Have Exposed 91 People to Illness

A Missouri hairstylist may have exposed 91 customers and coworkers to coronavirus, public health officials said, after the state’s governor allowed businesses including salons to reopen on 4 May.

The stylist who tested positive for Covid-19 worked at a salon in Springfield on eight different days while experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

Because the stylist and the customers wore face coverings, health officials said on Friday, they hoped the interactions would lead to “no additional cases”. Those potentially exposed would be contacted and offered testing, officials said.

The potential exposures started little more than a week after Missouri allowed salons to reopen.

The push by Donald Trump and some state governors to reopen most businesses with some public health modifications, such as social distancing and masks, comes as public health officials warn that relaxing restrictions will certainly lead to new outbreaks.

Dr Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House’s coronavirus taskforce, said on Friday that new local outbreaks were “inevitable” as prevention measures are loosened.

But on Thursday, at a visit to a Ford automobile plant in Michigan, the president once again emphasized his focus on getting the economy moving, and the stock market recovered, as soon as possible.

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SOURCE: The Guardian, Lois Beckett