Joe Biden’s Campaign is Officially Vetting Amy Klobuchar as a Potential Running Mate

Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar Reuters

Sen. Amy Klobuchar has been officially asked by Joe Biden‘s campaign to submit materials to be vetted for the role of his running mate.

CBS News first reported the development with a senior Biden campaign aide telling the network that the request for information from the Minnesota senator ‘is underway.’

At the March Democratic debate Biden vowed to pick a woman to serve as his vice president.

Klobuchar ran her own campaign for president and endorsed Biden as she dropped out on the eve of Super Tuesday in early March, allowing him to win 11 of 14 states over the more progressive Bernie Sanders.

President Trump has suggested that Biden was able to win the nomination because moderates including Klobuchar, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and ex-Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke backed him before the pivotal Super Tuesday primaries, while progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren sucked votes away from Sanders by staying in the race.

If Biden were to pick Klobuchar as a running mate, he’d have someone ideologically in line with him on the ticket who could bolster turnout in the midwest.

The downside of a Klobuchar pick would be that she wouldn’t excite progressives who supported Sanders and Warren in the 2020 primary.

She also has some baggage with how she treated staff.

A number of unflattering reports and odd anecdotes came out when she first announced her bid for the White House in February 2019.

‘I’m just not going to engage in hypotheticals. … Joe Biden was a great vice president. He knows what it takes to be a good vice president. He’s going to make that decision,’ she said when asked about being picked for vice president.

The bulk of other potential Biden veepstakes picks are, like Klobuchar, U.S. senators.

He’s also considering two other formal rivals: Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

He and Harris had a famous spat over busing during the Democrats’ first primary debate last June, though she’s endorsed the ex-vice president since then.

Warren could help Biden with progressives, though she fell out of favor with some supporters of fellow progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders for not endorsing his run before he dropped out.

Two other senators Biden reportedly is looking at are Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who could help him do better with Nevada’s Latino population, which tilted toward Sanders, and Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, a military vet.

Harry Reid, the retired Senate Democratic leader from Nevada, has pushed Cortez Masto as a contender.

While Sen. Dick Durbin, the other Democratic senator from Illinois, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s No. 2, has pitched Duckworth.

On Friday Durbin revealed that she was getting an interview with Biden’s team.

‘I support Tammy Duckworth. She’s spectacular, a great colleague and I hope that she fares well in this interview, which I think is going to take place soon,’ Durbin told Newsweek.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer confirmed earlier this week that she’s talked to the Biden campaign about joining the ticket.

‘I’ve had a conversation with some folks,’ she told the ‘Today’ show’s Craig Melvin. ‘It was just an opening conversation and it’s not something that I would call a professional formalized vetting.’

Rep. Val Demings, a House member from Florida who served as an impeachment manager, is also getting some attention.

Several women in the running are more non-traditional picks, as typically vice presidents are chosen from the nation’s governors’ mansions or the halls of Congress.

Michelle Obama has been praised by both Biden and his wife Jill, but she’s remained consistenly against running for office herself.

‘I have no intention of running for office ever,’ Obama wrote in her 2018 autobiography ‘Becoming.’

On the other hand, Stacey Abrams, who lost her election for Georgia governor in 2018, has been vocal about wanting the job.

Prior to the gubernatorial race, Abrams was the leader of the minority party in the Georgia state House.

Susan Rice, President Obama’s first ambassador to the United Nations who moved into the role of his national security adviser, said in an interview last week that she ‘certainly would say yes’ if Biden asked her to appear on the ticket.

A candidate’s vice presidential pick isn’t usually announced until the convention, which for Democrats is now taking place mid-August, after being moved from July due to continued coronavirus concerns.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Nikki Schwab