Hindu Extremists Using Coronavirus Plague as Smokescreen for Attacks on Christians in India

India’s house churches under particular risk

Hindu extremists are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a smokescreen to attack the church in India harder, according to an Indian partner of Christian persecution charity Open Doors UK & Ireland.

A spokesperson of the partners, Isaac*, warns that violence against Christians, is taking place with impunity across the country.

“The pandemic has not stopped the growing persecution against the Christians,” he reports. “We are receiving news of persecution incidents from many areas of the country, even in this situation where people have been ordered to stay inside their homes.

“Christians are suffering even more than before, since most of them have to now combat economic problems as well as the opposition and hatred from the community.”

According to Open Doors in one attack gunmen forced their way into a home of a Christian family, shooting a young girl named Jyothi*, whose father had been murdered in a previous attack.

In another village, Christians were invited to a community hall where they were duly beaten up. However, despite calls to police, the assault continued unchecked.

Such attacks appear to be taking place with impunity.

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SOURCE: Assist News