WATCH: New Zealand Woman Teaches Her Dog to Perform CPR

Tania Butler has trained her dog to perform CPR on her if she is motionless and unresponsive (Image: Tania Butler / SWNS)

A dog owner taught her pooch to perform CPR in just 45 minutes after she saw the trick on Crufts.

Senior shelter officer Tania Butler, 35, said it took her Boxer Pixie, three, less than an hour to learn the life-saving move.

Now when Tania lies motionless on the floor, and is unresponsive, Pixie will leap into action and pound on her chest in exactly the right place.

She’s got so good the animal management worker had to start putting a book under her top during training, to stop him hitting her so hard.

The Boxer Pixie pounds her chest so hard she now puts a book under her top for training (Image: Tania Butler / SWNS)
The pooch picked up the life-saving trick in 45 minutes (Image: Tania Butler / SWNS)

Tania said she taught her the trick just for the fun of it during lockdown – but hopes she’d be able to help save a life now if she needed to.

Tania, of Waikato, New Zealand, said: “I wanted to teach her a new trick, she knows quite a few and wanted to do something a bit different.

“She knows all her basic commands, competitive obedience, hungry hippos, jenga, back stall, arm jumps.

Ms Butler was inspired to teach her dog the move after seeing it at Crufts (Image: Tania Butler / SWNS)
She loves the company of dogs and says training them brings her joy (Image: Tania Butler / SWNS)

“Pixie is so very smart and insanely easy to teach, she loves her trick training.”

Tania started teaching Pixie in April and said it only took the pooch two or three training sessions of about 15 minutes each, to master it.

Ms Butler has six dogs – three boxers, a pitbull, American bully and an American staffordshire terrier.

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SOURCE: The Mirror, Ed Southgate and Matthew Dresch