As ISIS Increases Attacks on Nigerians, ‘Equipping the Persecuted’ Step Ups to Bring Healing

(Facebook/Judd Saul)

Burned homes and churches, contaminated food supplies and secret killings left Nigerians in Kaduna state desperate and displaced over the weekend. With attacks by Boko Haram, now known as Isis West Africa, on the increase, an organization called Equipping the Persecuted is directing resources quickly to the people through a network of trusted Nigerian Christians.

“When we initially set up our [ministry] plan, there weren’t as many attacks happening, but there were still people that were displaced with no help or support whatsoever,” says Judd Saul, a filmmaker who founded the organization to help “internally displaced persons” (IDP) who have been forced out of their homes and into refugee camps.

Saul’s organization is on the ground to provide hope through physical and spiritual aid.

“We present the gospel with everything that’s done,” he says. “When we deliver the gospel, we find out there’s quite a lot of nominal Christians or people who probably aren’t safe that are part of these villages. Every time we go into a village and do this, people come to know Christ.”

Equipping the Persecuted helps the IDPs through educating the children using biblical materials, providing microloans to restore the livelihood of the displaced and training in basic security so the people can better protect their villages so they are not so vulnerable.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Christine D. Johnson