U.S. Space Force Dedicates Secret Mission Launch to Frontline Workers and Victims of the Coronavirus

A worker reveals an Atlas V’s dedication to victims of COVID-19, and the front-line workers and first responders fighting to treat and limit the spread of coronavirus. (Courtesy of the United Launch Alliance)

The U.S. Space Force launched a secret mission space plane into the stars Sunday morning, dedicating the flight to front-line workers and victims during the coronavirus pandemic.

A rocket was used to carry the X-37B, a remote-operated space plane that uses solar power, which will orbit the Earth while carrying experiments into space. The Cape Canaveral launch also included sending out two NASA experiments and a small satellite developed by the U.S. Air Force, according to the United Launch Alliance, which provided the Atlas V rocket.

The mission launched at a “truly a unique time in our history,” Gary Wentz, ULA vice president of Government and Commercial Programs, said in a release Sunday.

“The success of this mission resulted from collaboration with our customer while working through challenging, and ever changing, health and safety conditions,” Wentz said. “We were honored to partner with the U.S. Space Force to dedicate this mission to first responders, front-line workers, and those affected by COVID-19.”

The U.S. first launched a X-37B plane in 2010, and Sunday marks the sixth time such an aircraft has been sent to space. Its last mission lasted two years.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Doha Madani