Quarantined Police Officer Afraid of Testing Positive for Coronavirus Asks Siri: “How Can I Get Saved?”

A police officer at home on quarantine and struggling with fear and anxiety that he might have contracted COVID-19 asked Siri, “How can I get saved?” And the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association propped up, and he soon prayed to ask Jesus to be his Savior.

David (name changed), who has been a police officer for 20 years, was feeling unwell and feared he might have been infected with the novel coronavirus, from which more than 308,000 people have died around the world.

“I went into Google, and I asked Siri, ‘How can I get saved?’ And your page popped up,” David typed, chatting with Gloria, a trained volunteer at the BGEA’s Search for Jesus, the ministry reported earlier this week.

“I’m struggling with faith, and with everything going on … even more so,” David wrote. “Where do you look for peace in uncertain times?” Gloria asked. From within himself, he responded.

“I can understand that,” Gloria said. “The catch with that, though, is that our inner selves can be really disturbed by what we see and hear. That can lead to anxiety, as you know.”

David thought he needed to live righteously to have a good standing with God. But after he felt sick and got tested, he felt anxious as he waited for results. He felt inadequate. “I’m not ready to go yet. I’m only 48. … I still feel I have things left to do,” he wrote to Gloria.

“I’m so lost. And very scared,” he said. “Those are important words: ‘I’m so lost,’” Gloria responded. “You have already taken the first step towards God. You know that you have a problem. It sounds like you have been figuring out that your way is not the best.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar