Coronavirus: How we decide the risks we’re willing to take to venture out

As an infectious disease expert, Dr. George Rutherford knows all about the horrors of COVID-19.

But there’s one risk that the UC San Francisco professor, wearing a mask, is willing to take: hugging his 2-year-old granddaughter.

For two months, we’ve been diligent about staying home. But, as Bay Area residents start to venture out with parts of the state gradually loosening lockdown restrictions, how do we navigate this new landscape of peril and promise? We can’t stay isolated and fearful forever.

The new normal looks like this: Social lives carefully built around “risk reduction,” rather than the strict and absolute safety of isolated sheltering.

“We need to balance our needs with what we know about coronavirus,” said Stanford University communications professor Jeff Hancock, founding director of the Stanford Social Media Lab who is studying compliance with stay-at-home orders.

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Source: Mercury News