Carol Round on Doing Good Makes a Difference

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up”—Galatians 6:9 (ESV).

One dime can make a difference. Just ask those who were able to attend school and also learn about God because one woman wasn’t afraid to ask. Born in 1866 in Alabama, Martha Berry grew up privileged. Her wealthy parents afforded Martha and her siblings the luxuries others couldn’t afford.  Schools were scarce but Martha was educated by tutors and a governess at home.

It was her father, however, who modeled a charitable heart for his daughter. Devoted to her father, she often rode horseback along with him when he visited poorer landowners and tenant farmers. Often assisting these poor with their needs, her father inspired his daughter, who began doing good to make a difference.

Although her family was wealthy, Martha’s desire to help others required more money to fulfill her dream of starting a school. She founded the Berry Schools for the academically able but economically poor children in the rural south. The school continued to grow but Martha needed more funds to support the educational needs of the less fortunate. That’s when she approached Henry Ford, of Ford automobile fame, to ask for assistance. He reached in his pocket and pulled out one dime.

How One Dime Can Become Millions

Martha wasn’t deterred from doing good with that one dime. She purchased a package of seed peanuts with it. Planted and tended, the seeds eventually yielded a large crop, which she later sold.

Once again, she approached Mr. Ford. She handed him a coin, and said, “Here’s the dime you gave me last year.”

He was impressed when Martha explained what she’d done with his 10 cents and the return she’d made. He was so impressed he continued to support the school with millions of dollars. Ford had invested in doing good, even if it began with a dime.

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SOURCE: Assist News