Steven Curtis Chapman on How “Together” Collaboration Came About, God’s Message to Him During Pandemic, and What He Feels God is Saying to the World

Steven Curtis Chapman, the most awarded artist in Christian music history, has released a new song that reveals the message God shared with him concerning the coronavirus pandemic that has spread worldwide and led to the loss of life and jobs. 

Chapman kicked off the month of May by releasing a new song titled “Together” in collaboration with country stars Brad Paisley and Lauren Alaina, and gospel powerhouse Tasha Cobbs Leonard. The Five-time Grammy winner wanted to share with the world that together, “we’ll get through this.”

Proceeds from the collaboration will benefit people affected by COVID-19 through the Opry Trust Fund and Gospel Music Association.

The following is an edited transcript of Chapman’s video interview with The Christian Post where the legendary singer talks about his new single and shares the message God put on his heart during this time of uncertainty.

CP: How did your latest single “Together” come about?

Chapman: As a songwriter, I do tend to process with a song. If you listen to my music over the years you can almost trace my life. And if you listen and read between the lines — sometimes you don’t even have to read between the lines — it’s very obvious what’s going on in my life personally, in my family. It’s just the way that we seem to kind of work through things in my life, my faith, for sure in relationship with God, and with others.

Denial is my happy place more when it comes to a lot of the news that just can drive me crazy. I’m trying to figure it out. Everybody’s got a different story and you turn the channel, one click, and all of a sudden you’re getting a completely different story. But I heard these words: “Together, we need each other. We’ll get through this together.”

That was something very unusual, those words, at least from my experience, coming from the television. Because usually, it’s a lot of words about divisiveness or disunity. And suddenly, I was just seeing this darkness bringing us together and recognizing that we really are all in this together, we are all in the same boat, as the saying goes. We may be looking at it differently and looking out different windows and have different opinions and different ideas. But the truth is, none of us really knows what the full true completely right way of thinking or doing this is.

It felt like a little crack of light had come shining through a crack in the door into the dark room. Music has the power sometimes to kick the door open. Where there’s a little crack of light, you can maybe bring more light into that darkness. I’ve experienced that with my music for years.

This message of together, what I really heard in that, and what I think I’ve hoped to be able to explore in the song, is that it’s an eternal truth. It’s not just for this time, and it’s not just a message for us as a nation or as the world, but it’s eternally true that we are made for relationship. We’re created for relationship with God first. It’s so clear in Scripture. Right from the beginning of the story, God says about the very first man He created, Adam, it’s not good for him to be alone. We need each other. We’re made for relationship.

We’re really wise to remember that there is an enemy … and he’s going to use whatever method he can to try to divide us. Jesus even says, in the New Testament, “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, a house divided is not going to stand.” So I just felt like there was truth woven into all of this. So I wanted to try to kick the door open a little more, let more of that light in and wrote the song “Together.” We’ll get through this. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one thinking about it.

CP: How did the collaboration come about?

Chapman: It was really amazing how it sort of all did work together because I wrote the song and actually started recording it by myself. I just thought, “Man, it would really make a lot of sense to do this song together with other people, that seems like a great idea.” Same idea that my friends for King and Country had because they’ve done their “Together” song with Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly. I didn’t even know they were doing that. I know they didn’t know I was doing it. Several of us are, all creative minds thinking alike, the stirring of the heart that says, “There must be something here that God wants us to hear and do.”

I thought about it and thought, “I would love to bring some artists from other genres. It feels like this together idea, it would just be really neat to bring artists that I know have the same faith, have the same motivations for their life.”

I know Brad’s a believer. I knew him from just a few encounters a few times that we had done some things together. We’re not close friends, but I’ve always respected him. He and his wife do great charity work here in Nashville, philanthropic work through something they started called “The Store” which serves people in need. So I reached out to him.

He responded and said, “I would love this. I love this idea. I think it’s important; I think we need to say this together. I’d love to bring my part that I could do it and do something with you.” So that was a huge encouragement right there.

Then we talked, Brad and I, about what would be some other voices and some others who would still carry the same message and be consistent in the beliefs and in their faith, and Lauren’s name came up. She’s someone that I’d watched on “American Idol” and became a fan of hers, just great singer, but always loved her spirit. She was open and vocal about her faith, even then, singing in the church and she’s continued to be, so I reached out to her. She just said, “I would be honored. I would love this. My family will flip out that I’m doing a song with Steven Curtis Chapman. We grew up listening to your music.” So that was really sweet.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law