Survey Shows More Americans Turning to Drugs and Alcohol Amid COVID-19 Crisis

With coronavirus-related stress on the rise, so is alcohol and drug use, according to a national survey.

Findings by The Recovery Village, a Florida-based network of addiction treatment facilities, reflect an “expected” increase in substance use during the pandemic, with Americans reporting a 55% rise in alcohol consumption in the last month. When it came to illicit drugs, 36% of Americans reported increased use of marijuana and prescription opioids, among others.

“Experts have already started to voice concerns on the secondary effects America is yet to see from COVID-19,” researchers wrote, among them being “increased rates of addiction afterward due to the stress of isolation, boredom, decreased access to recovery resources and unemployment.”

The findings, published May 11, are the result of a nationwide survey asking 1,000 Americans aged 18 and older about their use of drugs and alcohol in the last month, according to The Recovery Village. The goal? To help addiction and behavioral health experts gain a better understanding of how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting substance use.

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