Mouthwash could protect against COVID-19 by destroying the outer layer of fat the virus uses to bind to human cells, scientists suggest

Mouthwash has the potential to protect against COVID-19 infection by killing the coronavirus before it can infect human cells, according to a new report.

Coronaviruses belong to the class of ‘enveloped viruses’, meaning they are covered by a fatty layer that is vulnerable to certain chemicals.

A team of international researchers say mouthwash could destroy the outermost layer or ‘envelope’ of the virus, preventing its replication in the mouth and throat.

The scientists say there is an urgent need to test the effectiveness of mouthwash in trials, although there is currently no clinical evidence that it would be successful.

The World Health Organisation has already said: ‘There is no evidence that using mouthwash will protect you from infection with the new coronavirus.’

The study authors do not say that current commercially-available mouthwash prevents COVID-19, but that further research into mouthwash chemicals could be beneficial.

Source: Daily Mail