“Equipping the Persecuted” Mission Aids Christians Under Attack in Nigeria

Judd Saul and the people he serves through Equipping the Persecuted (Facebook)

Filmmaker Judd Saul went to Nigeria a decade ago to help a missionary better market his ministry through a mission documentary. But God had greater plans for Saul, who ended up starting his own mission to help refugees. In 2019, he founded an organization called “Equipping the Persecuted” after God burdened him with the needs of “internally displaced persons” (IDP) in camps in the West African nation.

“Over the years, as attacks have increased and things have happened, I just felt more and more of a burden and a calling to focus ministry on working with persecuted Christians after going to IDP camps,” he says. “These are people whose villages have been attacked. They can’t go back because Boko Haram is squatting on their land and where they used to live, so these people are just moved to random places.”

Active in Nigeria and several other African countries, Boko Haram is expanding in its influence and increasing hostilities against Christians.

“These guys are radical Muslim terrorists that don’t like Western civilization,” Saul says. “So they formed back in 2002 just kind of as a political group, then in 2009, they decided to take military action and have grown in ranks, and they have now become officially part of ISIS. So now they are considered ISIS West Africa, and their tactics have increasingly become more brutal.”

After inquiring if anyone was helping the IDPs, Saul saw an opportunity to meet needs and share the gospel in the camps.

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SOURCE: Charisma News