White House ‘buried’ CDC plan warning against any summer vacation travel to avoid second wave of infections

THE WHITE HOUSE “buried” a Centers of Disease Control plan warning against any summer vacation travel to avoid a second wave of coronavirus, according to a report released on Wednesday.

In the CDC guidelines, which were uncovered by the Associated Press, officials recommend that non-essential travel will only be “considered” in Phase Three of the country’s reopening.

However, in the White House “Opening Up America Again” plan released last month, it states that non-essential travel can resume in Phase Two.

On page 12 of the 68-page CD document, the agency outlines the travel recommendations for the United States as per the individual reopening phases.

It is recommended that domestic travel is avoided for the first two phases, and only insists that “non-essential travel may be considered within and between low, controlled transmission jurisdictions” in phase three.

It also states: “Avoid non-essential travel to moderate, controlled or significant, uncontrolled transmission jurisdictions to protect those in low, controlled transmission jurisdictions.”

Source: The Sun