‘Keys for Kids’ Reports Jump in Audio Downloads as Ministry Helps Children Around the World Weather Coronavirus Lockdowns

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids ministries on Facebook)

Yesterday we reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on mental health, and the same applies to children.

The disruption of normal life, change in schedules, boredom, parental stress, and increased risk of domestic abuse all combine to leave a mark on many children.

Even as COVID-19 cases gradually drop in the United States, these mental health concerns won’t simply go away. That’s why it’s important to connect kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ now and going forward.

Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries says, “One of the things that has sprung up over all this is that families are home. Kids need stuff to do. And there’s lots of fear and anxiety. Where do people turn? Well, they typically turn where there’s spiritual significance. And because [people remember] Keys for Kids, we have seen a serious uptick in the number of requests, both [for] our Unlocked devotional and our Keys for Kids devotional.”

Yoder says audio downloads have jumped 300% for Keys for Kids and 150% for Unlocked. “We’re very excited about the fact that people are digging into God’s word, finding answers that can be found in Christ alone.”

Yoder shares the story of a man from Australia who found Keys for Kids through the Parent Minute program. He and his wife soon began using Keys for Kids with his daughter and sharing Unlocked with teens in his life. “He says he can’t get this kind of material in Australia,” Yoder says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that kids around the world will be filled with Christ’s love and hope.
  • Check out Keys for Kids’ materials and use them as resources for kids and teens in your life during and after the COVID-19 lockdowns.