Tamar Braxton Gets Real About Life During Quarantine, Says She Doesn’t Like the Person She’s Become

Everyone is finding ways to cope in their respective quarantines and it has nothing to do with launching a business, running a marathon in the living room or whipping up plant-based recipes.

Some folks are eating chips and binge-watching The Wire as a way to pass the time and relieve the stress. Tamar Braxton said she’s no different.

The reality TV darling recently shared that she’s been relying on food, TV and social media during self-isolation—and she recently admitted that this practice has taken a toll on her mental health.

“I’m going to be a 100 percent transparent. I feel like I’ve been masking all of my feelings. I haven’t had water until yesterday. I’m masking my feelings with food, with television, with looking at other people’s pages,” Braxton shared with celebrity hairstylist and cohost Johnny Wright during the most recent episode of YouTube Live show Taco Talking Tuesday with Tamar Braxton.

“I be hopping back and forth off of people’s lives. Almost like I’m trying to find myself when I know who I am. You know who you are…I hate who I have become in these past five and a half-six weeks! I’ve been closet eating in quarantine. So why are we trying to find ourselves through other people and through other things such as food?” the Grammy Award winner asked.

To help Braxton switch to a healthier diet, she invited influencer, actress and vegan foodie Tabitha Brown to talk about her delicious vegan recipes, including how she transforms pecans into “taco meat.”

Wright, who Braxton called a “baby vegan,” chimed in to share that he found some amazing, but expensive—$90—vegan cheese at a deli on Sunset Boulevard.

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SOURCE: ESSENCE – Taiia Smart Young