Retired Professor with Alzheimer’s Arrested by Chinese Authorities After Speaking Out About Coronavirus Plague

Beijing—(ANS / China Aid)  A retired professor in China with Alzheimer’s was arrested April 17th for speaking about COVID-19.  The man, Chen Zhaozhi, accused the Chinese Communist Party of spreading the virus. As a result, he was charged with provocation, and officials said he spread false information on the internet.

A lawyer who met with Chen at the Haidian Detention Center said his client’s family applied to bail him out. The authorities refused their request. In the meantime, the legal process against Chen has begun. The case is expected to be transferred to a judge for review and prosecution in June.

Chen suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and low blood pressure and relies on medication to maintain his health. According to the attorney, he is not in a good mental state.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jeff Thompson