Queen may never return to royal duties as she won’t be safe in public ‘for years’ due to coronavirus

THE Queen may never return to regular frontline royal duties if Covid-19 restrictions render public engagements unsafe for years.

The monarch, 94, is in lockdown at Windsor Castle to stop her from catching the killer virus.

Courtiers are already preparing to keep her indoors until at least after the summer — the longest absence from duties in her 68-year reign.

It is understood that Her Majesty does not want slow down or stop working. But she will not go against any official advice designed to protect people in her age category.

The Queen is receiving updates from Parliament through her red boxes and in a weekly call with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But courtiers are discussing the problems of her returning to frontline work and normal engagements amid the risk of catching the virus.

As such, they are preparing for several more months of royal lockdown.

And royal biographer Andrew Morton fears it is unlikely the Queen will be allowed to return to her normal public duties at all.

He reckons Brits are only ever likely to see her on TV or video links — such as with her recent stirring addresses.

Trooping the Colour, summer garden parties and a state visit from South Africa have all been cancelled — emptying her diary until the fall.

Source: The Sun