A Tiny Church in Saudi Arabia Grows Stronger

An ancient manuscript written in Hijazi Arabic. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The small Church in Saudi Arabia needs mature and committed believers to translate Scripture and to lead churches.

“It’s almost like the early Church in the book of Acts,” says Abd Al Fadi about Christianity among certain language groups in Saudi Arabia.

He works with Hijazi Arabic in Western Saudi Arabia, Najdi Arabic in central Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi Gulf dialect in the East. Read more in our series about Unreached people Groups hereAnd remember to join us for the International Day for the Unreached on May 31.

Two challenges

Abd Al Fadi outlines two main challenges to sharing the Gospel with these languages clusters. “You need to find the right people to do the translations. Otherwise, if you rely on people who are non-believers, or if you rely on people who are not from the region, you will have some terminological and theological issues you have to deal with. Of course, this could cause a problem.”

These groups have few Christians, and finding mature and committed believers to translate is even more difficult. Abd Al Fadi says, “Sometimes they’re busy with a job, or concerned about being caught by their family or the government.”

Even if the translators complete their work, that doesn’t mean it can be distributed easily. “It’s one thing to produce the product. It’s another to deliver it to the right church or group that can benefit from it.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that Christians in Saudi Arabia would be able to join together in house churches.
  • Watch the PrayerCast video and pray for the unreached people in these language clusters.
  • Ask God to multiply the Church in Saudi Arabia.