New Effort Underway to Reach Egypt’s Unreached People Groups with the Gospel

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Egypt is home to the largest Christian community in the Middle East. With such a significant presence, is it safe to assume every Egyptian knows who Christ is – even if they don’t follow Him? Not necessarily.

“A couple years ago, before I started [working here], I didn’t know that we have unreached people groups in Egypt,” Shereen* says. Unreached people groups (UPGs) “are totally unreached by the Word of God,” she explains.

Four of Egypt’s people groups fall into this “unreached” category, Shereen says – they do not know Christ, there are no churches in their community, and they have no access to God’s Word in their heart language. This number varies by source; lists 22 unreached people groups in Egypt while Joshua Project lists 25.

Regardless, plans are underway to change these statistics.

Reaching Egypt’s unreached

Shereen represents an agency working with unreached people groups in Egypt. That group is now part of a collaborative, multi-agency effort to introduce Egypt’s unreached people groups to Christ. Their plans are holistic, covering everything from Bible translation and church-planting to media and physical aid.

The Saidi Arabs are one of Egypt’s unreached people groups. Learn how you can pray for them here.

The road ahead isn’t easy. “In Egypt, you’re not allowed to share Christ with Muslims,” she explains. “You’re allowed to share Christ with people who [are] inside the church only, not outside. So, it’s very challenging to reach out to these people with the Word of God.”

The indigenous ministry partners Shereen and her agency work with know the risks that lie ahead. “Those who are doing the ministry on-the-ground can be arrested and stopped by the police,” Shereen explains.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for open doors for Gospel work among Egypt’s unreached people groups.
  • Ask the Lord to protect believers working in this critical area, and pray security efforts would not undermine Gospel work.
  • Pray Egyptian believers will gain a new passion to reach the unreached people groups among them.
  • Pray new believers in unreached communities will not be persecuted by their families.