God is Already Revealing Himself to UPGs in Jordan and Syria

Traditional Adyghe clothing.(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons)

Millions of people groups in Jordan and Syria have not heard the Gospel, but more and more are encountering Christ all the time.

Nabil Bandak oversees the effort to reach both the North Levantine and South Levantine language clusters, as well as Mesopotamian Arabic. The South Levantine speakers mainly live in Jordan and Palestine, while North Levantine speakers live in the northern part of Jordan, as well as Syria and Lebanon. Mesopotamian Arabic speakers mainly live in Syria and the western part of Iraq. See the PrayerCast video for these people here.

Bandak also works with the Adyghe people, many of whom live in Turkey, Syria, and Jordan.

This is the second story in our series focusing on unreached people groups around the world. For the first story, click here.

Challenges to reaching these people

Bandak says constant war provides the greatest challenge to reaching these groups. He says, “[The wars] in Syria and Iraq left the demographics of the region in [such] a state that you cannot determine who lives where.”

Bandak says with many countries in constant turmoil, these people groups move from one place to another with little documentation, and no warning. He uses the example of the Syrian Civil War. “When Turkey invaded Syria and took a strip of Syria, people moved. When people moved, we were at a loss, not able to track them, or where they were attending churches. Where did they go? They just fled. This is a major, major issue.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Rejoice that the Holy Spirit is already working in these people groups, and even revealing Himself directly to them.
  • Pray that the Church in the Middle East will rise up and reach many in these language clusters.