Nigerian Seminary Student Was Killed Because He Wouldn’t Stop Sharing the Gospel With His Captors After He Was Abducted

A member of a Nigerian highway gang that’s responsible for killing a kidnapped Catholic seminarian earlier this year admitted in a recent media interview that the aspiring priest was killed because he wouldn’t stop proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his captors.  

Mustapha Mohammed, who is alleged to be the leader and mastermind behind the abduction of Good Shepherd Seminary student Michael Nnadi in Kaduna state, gave a recent interview to The Daily Sun.

According to the Nigerian newspaper, Mohammed is a 26-year-old Fulani man who admitted to being part of a 45-man kidnapping gang that has attacked and abducted commuters traveling along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway, the Kaduna-Jos road, and other roadways in the area.

Mustapha, who’s now in police custody in Abuja, was quoted as saying that he’s responsible for killing the 18-year-old. Nnadi’s body was discovered on Fab. 1 along with the remains of a local doctor’s wife.

Nnadi was kidnapped on Jan. 8 alongside three other seminarians who were not killed. Mustapha said that from the first day they were kidnapped, Nnadi continued preaching about Jesus and would not allow his captors to have peace even though they did not share the same faith.

Mustapha told the newspaper that he didn’t appreciate Nnadi’s confidence and bravery and “decided to send him to an early grave.”

“He said the deceased kept preaching and told him to his face to change his evil ways or perish from the day he was abducted alongside his colleagues,” the report reads.

According to the suspect, his gang targeted the seminary because they thought they could make money by kidnapping people there. He said the gang got information on the seminary from one of its members who resides near Good Shepherd Seminary.

The report states that the gang member conducted five days of surveillance on the seminary before the gang followed through with the kidnapping operation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith