Southern Baptists Feel Impact of Coronavirus on Church Giving

NASHVILLE (BP) — Stay-at-home orders around the country due to the COVID-19 global pandemic continue to affect churches and church giving. As a result, all aspects of Southern Baptist life are beginning to feel the economic changes.

While data points related to giving have been sparse in the initial phases of the pandemic, national Cooperative Program receipts are beginning to reflect the stalled global and national economy. National CP receipts in April dropped more than 8 percent compared to April 2019, and totaled $14,165,824.93, giving Southern Baptists their lowest monthly national CP total since December 2016.

April also saw Southern Baptist seminaries, entities, state conventions and churches reduce spending and cut future budgets in preparation for the expected financial downturn coming in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“Many of our churches are beginning to see a decrease in giving on the local level due to the effects of COVID-19, and our giving through the Cooperative Program on a state and national level is beginning to reflect this decline,” said SBC Executive Committee President and CEO Ronnie Floyd in a statement. “Our churches have been unable to gather in person for worship over the past several weeks, and there has been a rise in unemployment with businesses across the nation being shut down due to COVID-19. We are facing days now — and in the future — that our generation of Southern Baptists have never faced before.

“With a grateful heart to our churches and the support they are sending, I am confident that God will see us through together. In this hour of immense uncertainty, I do appeal to our churches, that in the midst of your challenges and decision-making, let’s resolve to do all we can to keep our missionaries on the field across the world through our continued support through the Cooperative Program.”

As of April 30, gifts received by the EC for distribution through the CP Allocation Budget total $115,304,511.36. This is slightly less than last year’s budget contribution of $116,186,117.28 by $881,605.92 or 0.76 percent. The amount given is still above the $114,625,000.00 year-to-date budgeted projection to support Southern Baptist ministries globally and across North America by $679,511.36 or 0.59 percent.

The final amount received in April 2020 was $1,283,915.54 (8.31 percent) less than the $15,449,740.47 received in April 2019, and $2,209,175.07 (13.49 percent) less than the monthly budgeted amount of $16,375,000.00.

Designated gifts received in April amounted to $10,156,450.84. This total was $2,933,764.58 or 22.41 percent below gifts of $13,090,215.42 received in April 2019. Also, this year’s designated gifts through the first seven months of the fiscal year amount to $126,103,444.55, which is $3,014,772.73 or 2.33 percent less than the $129,118,217.28 given through the first seven months in the previous fiscal year. Designated contributions include the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions, Southern Baptist Global Hunger Relief, Disaster Relief and other special gifts. This total includes only those gifts received and distributed by the Executive Committee and does not reflect designated gifts contributed directly to SBC entities.

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Source: Baptist Press