Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Urges New York Officials to Provide Clearer Guidelines for Navigating Coronavirus as Some Restrictions Lift

Lead pastor of Hillsong Church, New York City, Carl Lentz worships at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. | (Photo: Facebook)

Hillsong Church NYC Pastor Carl Lentz called for clearer guidelines from city officials in navigating the novel coronavirus, noting that the city is “all over the place right now.”

“These are confusing times, my friends! Let’s pray this week for our government, people in leadership, anybody who has a voice to help lead us through this pandemic…NYC is all over the place right now with what’s allowed, not allowed, mask/no mask.. in all this disagreement, we can all agree WISDOM IS NEEDED!” Lentz captioned a video complaint he made on Instagram.  “@nygovcuomo @nycmayor big week ahead, praying for you.”

The pastor’s video featured Lentz and his wife, Laura, so baffled at the division in the city concerning restrictions that they jokingly made a plea to the officials of New York and the government.


“We’re gonna need some details about what exactly the quarantine rules are right now because they seem to be different from block to block,” the Hillsong leader said.

His wife noted, “Brooklyn was raging.”

Pastor Lentz said, “I’ve seen stuff on the news, people are raging and there’s other people that are still completely judgmental, with their eyes from behind the mask. How is anybody supposed to know what the deal is?”

“Huge shout out to the government for giving us such opaque directions right now. We’re praying for our government in New York City Mayor, and beyond, if you give us some details. We appreciate this. It’s not a political Insta-story.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law