How to Make Memories While Social Distancing

The Coronavirus Pandemic has resulted in everyone having to get creative about how to stay occupied, whether you live alone or with a large family. Medi-Share contributor Erin Englert suggests several unique resources and activities available to help you stay occupied and make memories while flattening the curve.

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of disruption to their routine in the past few weeks. Whether you’ve been sent home to work remotely or your kids’ school has started “e-learning,” things at home have changed. With more and more states issuing stay-at-home orders and closing nonessential businesses, how are we to fill our days?

To begin, whether you have kids or not, may I recommend making a schedule for yourself? This is the perfect time to start a new, healthy routine because, well, everything is new. If you are creating a schedule for children, 20-30 minute increments are probably best.

After you’ve roughed out a general schedule, it’s time to get to the details! We’ve made a short list of some ideas to help you break up the monotony. Thankfully, many businesses are compassionately providing their services for free during the COVID-19 crisis, so this is by no means a comprehensive list. However, hopefully it jumpstarts your imagination and helps you build memories with your family during this unique time.

1. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Author and illustrator of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Mo Willems, is posting daily “Lunch Doodles” videos. Although he states the date at the beginning of each video, you can choose to jump in at the current date or watch through them chronologically. It’s a fun, quirky, kid-friendly look into what being an artist is like as well as guiding them through some doodles. So grab some paper and markers and get ready to doodle with your little ones!

2. Read Books with Real Astronauts

Story Time from Space is a great resource. This website has numerous videos of astronauts in the International Space Station reading children’s books. Each video features a different book and astronaut and shows different rooms and equipment in the International Space Station.

3. Study Sea Creatures at the Georgia Aquarium

On their website, the Georgia Aquarium has many webcams set up to view a plethora of their underwater residents. The African Penguins are particularly fun to watch, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy observing them all. A fun activity to jumpstart your children’s imagination might be to have them write down investigative questions about what they see. What’s different about each of these underwater animals that you notice? Do penguins swim? Do jellyfish have eyes?

4. Enjoy Free Classes for Children at Beanstalk

Beanstalk is offering free classes for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. They feature entertaining, interactive classes that touch on science, art, reading, and more. Each lesson lists the supplies needed for the lesson, and many have fun activities included!

5. Start Seeds for Spring

Pick up some seeds and potting soil from your local hardware store (or have them delivered if that’s an option) and see what you can grow! If you have an empty egg carton on hand, this can be a great place to start seeds. Watering every day and recording observations (either by drawing or writing) can make this project educational.

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Source: Christian Headlines