Michael Brown on To Anderson Cooper: A Son Deserves His Mother

Dear Anderson,

Isn’t it an amazing feeling to be a father? To know that the precious little baby that you hold in your arms is, in a real sense, your own flesh and blood? That in a unique way, he carries part of you in his very life and soul? Yet when I saw the announcement of his birth, I felt sadness more than happiness. Sadness for him and for you.

Obviously, you don’t know me from Adam. But you’re a public figure, you made a public announcement, and I’m confident, as a lesser-known public figure, that I speak for many others as well.

Anderson, a boy deserves his mother, yet if I understand your plan correctly, your son will not be raised together by her and by you. That’s what saddens me the most.

Can you imagine what your life would look like today without the influence of your mother? Can you imagine Anderson Cooper without Gloria Vanderbilt? (Or, can you imagine only knowing her as the other half of a biological equation?) Who would you be without your mom?

Think back to all the memories the two of you share, especially since you lost your dad at the age of 10. Think back to the impact your mother had on who you are as a person. Think back to the tender moments that only a mother and child can experience.

And then ask yourself this question: Is it right that Wyatt will never have the special relationship with his mother that you had with yours? Is it fair to deprive him, by your own choice, of having the benefit of a mom and a dad?

To be clear, I don’t believe that you simply chose to be gay one day. I don’t believe that any more than I “chose” to be straight.

And I don’t mean that you won’t try to be an amazing dad. And a devoted dad. And a caring dad.

But the world’s best dad is not a mom (just as the world’s best mom is not a dad). Yet you have made a decision to bring Wyatt Morgan Cooper into the world without a mother, even though he has a mother.

That’s because biology is very stubborn, and the way God created us, every human being has a mother and a father and is meant to be nurtured by both.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown