An Open Letter to President Trump From His (Now Unfollowed) Friend Piers Morgan: Cut the Covid Crap, Stop Whining, Get Serious and Show Some Damn Empathy – or It Will Cost You the White House

Dear Donald,

On Friday evening, you unfollowed me on Twitter, which given you only follow 47 accounts was not an insignificant decision.

It came a few hours after I posted a column in which I lambasted you for using your daily coronavirus press briefings to air ‘batsh*t crazy’ cure theories like ‘injecting or ingesting’ bleach into patients with COVID-19.

I used very forceful language to convey my dismay at such reckless, shocking and woefully irresponsible behavior.

Indeed, the column began with the words ‘SHUT THE F**K UP, PRESIDENT TRUMP!’

And for that, I make no apology.

You are the most powerful person in America and your words carry enormous weight and consequence. Within hours of you suggesting it might be a good idea to use bleach, one public health hotline in one state – Maryland – received 100 phone calls asking about whether they should use household detergent to combat the virus, and was forced to issue an alert warning people not to try it.

New York City’s Poison Control Center took 30 similar calls from the moment your briefing last Thursday night ended to 3pm the next day – and was also forced to release an alert saying that using bleach ‘can put people at great risk.’

This latest debacle came after you previously and repeatedly hyped up an anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, as another ‘cure’ – until it turned out to cause more deaths in COVID patients than those who weren’t treated with it.

This is a terrifying illustration of how dangerous your rhetoric can be.

So yes, I think when it comes to floating mad ideas about potential ‘cures’ for coronavirus, you should shut the f*ck up.

I can understand why such direct language from a long-time friend may have offended you, and I understood that when I wrote it. You have a notoriously thin skin and take any criticism very badly.

(Though, from personal experience, I don’t think you’re a stranger to deploying such profane terminology yourself when something angers you.)

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Source: Daily Mail