Calls to NYC Poison Control for Exposure to Household Chemicals Doubles After Trump Disinfectant Comment

Calls to New York City’s Poison Control Center for exposure to certain household chemicals more than doubled after President Donald Trump suggested injecting disinfectant might be one way to combat COVID-19, the city said Saturday.

In the 18 hours after the president’s suggestion during a Thursday night news conference, the city center got 30 exposure calls — nine specifically about Lysol, 10 about bleach and 11 about other household cleaners.

In the same window last year, there were 13 cases — two specifically about bleach and none of them about Lysol-related products.

The president came in for near-universal condemnation Friday after his suggestion, with health officials and even some close allies rushing to warn that the public should not listen to him and should not ingest or inject disinfectant, bleach or any other household chemical.

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