AMG International Petitioning Ugandan Government to Allow them to Continue Serving the Poor During Coronavirus Lockdown

(Administrator at Youth Development Center. Photo courtesy of AMG International)

For those living in poverty, government COVID-19 restrictions are more than a setback; they mean real physical struggles. The poor in Uganda are no exception.

Bill Passons with AMG International says, “One of the challenges that we’re having, is that we still serve a very vulnerable people group. Most of the people groups, most of the people, that we serve are disadvantaged and live in poverty. Lack of access to work, not being able to move around to be able to get things that they need is a real challenge.”

Passons says that with the Ugandan lockdown currently extending to May 5th, people used to living meager paycheck to meager paycheck are hit especially hard. As in other countries, all travel and business has been halted except for necessities such as pre-approved visits to supermarkets and medical facilities. AMG’s nursing school and child and youth development center are both shut down as well.

Continuing Food Ministries

However, work is not at a standstill. With studies and public gatherings suspended, AMG has sought new ways to serve. Through coordinators at the development center, they network with families in need, keeping in touch about pressing needs and changes in job status.

Children were served meals at the center when it was still open. Without the possibility of physical community, one concern has been getting food into the hands of those who still depend on that meal. Passons says, “With our kids not being able to come to the center, because [of] the laws not allowing us [to come] together, we’re seeing a great need to be able to try to get food into the hands of the families of the children that we serve.

“And so where governments are allowing, we’re petitioning the government as a charitable organization that is meeting social needs to allow us to go into the communities and distribute food rations to families in need. In some places, they’ve been very willing to allow us to do that.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that God would allow AMG and other organizations to continue their work among the poor throughout COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Seek out the poor who are suffering because of COVID-19 in your own community.
  • Pray that governments would look favorably on AMG and other organizations who work among the poor.