Jason Jimenez on Is Our Religious Freedom Being Quarantined by the Government?

So far, the Executive Branch and the vast majority of states and local officials have not transgressed their constitutional authority. Only a small handful of Governors and city councils have overextended their powers.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham amended her mass gathering ban to fight the spread of the coronavirus to include houses of worship.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear put out a declaration before Good Friday stating that anyone caught attending a “mass gathering” in the state over Easter weekend would have their license plates recorded by state police and then forced into a two-week self-quarantine.

Even my own Governor, Roy Cooper, in North Carolina, has subverted Executive Order 121 and turned it into an Executive Overreach.

These Governors are clearly in the wrong.

Another abuse of powers is the local police department arresting several pro-lifers outside several abortion mills — citing they were breaking the social distance order and deeming their services as “non-essential.” Yet, the pro-lifers were not congregating – and it’s actually unlawful for law enforcement to force arbitrary rules that infringe upon American’s First Amendment rights.

You see, in those occurrences, law enforcement is picking and choosing who they say has a right to assemble and who doesn’t. That is limiting individual liberties because several of these local “shelter-in” orders are going beyond the least restrictive means to protect the public and violating religious interests.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jason Jimenez