Warwickshire County Council in England Drops Explicit Sex-Ed Curriculum After Parents and Christian Group Intervene

A controversial sex-ed curriculum that included lessons on masturbation, pornography and gender spectrum was dropped by a county council in England after parents and Christian activists protested.

Parents in Birmingham said the curriculum, called The All About Me, was too sexually explicit and inappropriate for children, the Birmingham Live reported.

The content “encouraged masturbation,” an unhealthy view of porn, and “experimental transgender ideas in schools,” the parents said.

Before the The Christian Institute intervened in behalf of parents and threatened to take legal action, the Warwickshire County Council backed the program and said it would help children cultivate “healthy relationships and to enable them to build positive and safe relationships as they grow and develop into adults,” the council said before dropping the program, Birmingham Live added.

The Christian Institute said the program materials “made no reference to marriage, contrary to national requirements.” It also taught children that there are multiple genders and encouraged schools to allow students to enter bathrooms designated for the opposite sex.

“It also encouraged schools not to inform parents if their children would be sharing overnight accommodation with pupils of the opposite sex while on residential trips, and to conceal a child’s transgender status from their own parents — contrary to parental rights protected under the Human Rights Act 1998,” The Christian Institute added.

One mother from Leamington Spa who did not want to be named told Birmingham Live that when the council’s plans were made public she looked at the accompanying content online on a website called Respect Yourself and was “horrified.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter