“This Killing is More Dangerous than the Coronavirus”: Fulani Militants Burn Down Village, Kill 9 Villagers Including Children and Infants

Mass burial for children at Hura village, after Fulani militants kill nine and burn houses. Picture Stefanos Foundation, Release International

As Fulani militants murder children in Nigeria, Release International is calling on the African country to protect its Christian minority in the north.

The charity reports Fulani militants continue to carry out attacks against Christians in Plateau State in Nigeria, in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. In this latest attack, extremists murdered two five-year-old children and a three-year-old infant.

Release International, which supports persecuted Christians around the world, is again calling on Nigeria to take urgent steps to protect its vulnerable Christian communities from attack – even as they face the new threat of the coronavirus.

In the latest attack on April 14, armed Fulani militants shouting, ‘Allahu akbar’ [Allah is greater] surrounded a village close to the state capital, Jos. Firing their guns, they drove the villagers out and killed them as they fled – including three small children.


Partners of Release International say the armed Fulani launched their attack on Hura village at 7pm.

‘Fulanis came and almost surrounded the village, shouting “Allahu akbar! Come out, come out!”’ said one witness.

Added another: ‘The attackers appeared from different directions in large numbers and set many houses ablaze.’

One heavily pregnant villager, Victoria John, fled with another pregnant woman, who was trying to escape with her five-year-old child.

‘The child was screaming,’ she said. ‘She slipped and fell and they killed her.’

The militants killed nine villagers. They included 50-year-old grandfather, Sunday Biri and his five-year-old grandchild, Luka; Talatu Daniel, who was pregnant, and her three-year-old baby.

They were buried on April 15.

‘Killing more than coronavirus’

Tribal chief, Rev Ronku Aka, said: ‘This killing is more dangerous than the coronavirus. It is incessant. I am calling on the government to have mercy and come to our aid.’

The attackers struck less than 25 miles from the state capital, Jos. They burned down 21 houses, forcing the villagers to flee to another community 10 miles away.

Many thousands have been driven from their homes by the heavily armed Fulani, whose attacks are provoking an exodus of Christians from the north and Middle Belt of the country.

Yet despite the on-going attacks, the Nigerian government has done little to protect its Christian villagers.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Peter Wooding