Midwestern Seminary Offers Pastors Recorded Sermon Resources During Pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP) — In light of the numerous challenges facing pastors during the coronavirus crisis, Midwestern Seminary is offering a variety of recorded sermons, preached in recent semesters by the school’s faculty and staff, for overloaded pastors to use.

The sermons include a variety of speakers including President Jason Allen, and faculty members H.B. Charles, Jr., Jared C. Wilson, Owen Strachan and Jason DeRouchie among others. The sermons, which can be accessed at http://www.mbts.edu/sermons, are available to stream or download.

Allen said as he thought of pastors, who are being overloaded with new, stressful demands being placed on them because of this unprecedented crisis, it caused him to think of ways MBTS could serve them. One of the ways was through the incredible resource of gifted preachers and solid messages regularly preached by Midwestern’s faculty and staff.

Allen said Midwestern Seminary has been blessed by God with a “stellar faculty and incredible resources across the board” and offering these resources “is a small but strategic step for us to assist pastors in this hour of need.”

Having served in ministry for more than 20 years, with 10 of those as pastor or interim pastor at various Southern Baptist churches, Allen said he understands the unique situation local pastors are facing.

“I know all the challenges and opportunities associated with pastoring a local church,” he explained. “During this season, when pastors are having to juggle a host of responsibilities and manufacture a host of adaptations in light of the coronavirus, my heart goes out to them.”

He added that these pastors are also carrying the very real pastoral weight of church members who are often sick, know others that are sick with COVID-19, or who, just in general, are fearful of the virus.

“By offering these sermons, perhaps we can offer encouragement, alleviate some of the stress they’re enduring, and offer them an oasis of hope and rest during this incredibly trying season,” he said.

Ioan Veres, pastoral assistant at Eagle Heights Baptist Church in Kansas City and an MBTS student and staff member, is one such pastor dealing with the stresses of shepherding his people through the crisis.

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Source: Baptist Press