BeBe Winans Reveals That He, His Mother, and Brother All Contracted the Coronavirus

BeBe Winans is on the road to recovery after contracting COVID-19. But touching on how contagious the novel coronavirus is, the Gospel singer also revealed that his brother was hospitalized due to the virus, and his mother also was infected.

Winans opened up about his recent diagnosis on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show, detailing that he likely caught the coronavirus while traveling to attend a funeral.

“Sometimes, for some reason, we as a people when we look in and we look at television and various things that’s going on around us, we somehow say, that can’t happen to me for some reason,” he explained. “I don’t know why, but sometimes we believe that, and even myself being cautious, when the outbreak started, I did just a little travel.”

“I was actually in New York and I was like, well, I’m going to Detroit because I had a friend pass and we were having a funeral and just that little travel, I caught it,” Winans added.

Soon after he returned home, Winans began to experience several symptoms associated with COVID-19.

“I just started coughing out of nowhere,” he said, “…and then the fatigue came on, and the chills, and [my] appetite went away.”

Despite having symptoms, Winans called his doctor. It was no use heading to the hospital because he said, “if you’re not in need of a respirator they won’t even take you.”

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Source: Essence