Life Matters Worldwide Lists Five Ways Churches Can Better Engage with Pro-life Ministries

Graphic courtesy of johnhain via Pixabay.

Many churches are pro-life and even donate to pro-life organizations. But what does it mean to be holistically pro-life? And is simply giving money what it looks like to engage with life-honoring ministries?

Eric Verstraete, President and CEO of Life Matters Worldwide, says, “There’s a difference between the church being anti-abortion and actually being pro-life.” Caring for mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancies, providing tangible needs for struggling families, supporting adoption efforts — these are all just a few examples of what it means to champion life.

So how can believers better support these holistically pro-life efforts? Verstraete says it’s crucial for pro-life Christians to engage with pro-life ministries doing the work on the ground, and that’s often done best through your local church!

This year, Life Matters is rolling out a new church engagement model to better connect local churches with pregnancy care centers. Many of these churches already financially support their local pregnancy care center, but that may be it in terms of involvement and support.

Verstraete says a church that is fully engaged in supporting a ministry will do these five things:

  1. Pray for the ministry.
  2. Learn more about the ministry.
  3. Tell other people about the ministry.
  4. Serve alongside the ministry.
  5. Give financially to the ministry.

“Notice that four of those five have absolutely nothing to do with money,” Verstraete says. “I think that’s really important. Most churches, when nonprofits or ministries come to them and ask them to be involved, most churches believe that that ministry is coming and asking for their money.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Ask God to provide for Life Matters Worldwide’s financial and staffing needs as a ministry during this time.
  • Pray for relationships between churches and pro-life ministries to be strengthened so they can serve like Jesus and proclaim the Gospel.