WATCH: Hilarious Moment Dog Upstages Little Boy with his Trampolining Skills

This is the adorable moment a boy playing on the trampoline is forced to watch from the sidelines as his over-excited dog takes centre stage.

Alfie was playing in his garden, performing flips and jumps on the trampoline as his father watched from inside their home in Derbyshire.

Oscar, a golden Labrador, joined Alfie on the trampoline as the pair tend to play together.

And it appears the dog is trying to emulate its young owner as he forced Alfie to the side so he could perform some tricks of his own.

Much to the amusement of those watching, Oscar took to the centre of the trampoline and suddenly started spinning around as fast as he could.

After he stopped, the Labrador started chasing its tail in the other direction as he bounced.

Alfie’s father can be heard laughing in bemusement from inside at the hilarious display.

He said about the bouncing duo: ‘They always play together on the trampoline, they’re best friends but the dog thinks he can do it better than Alfie.

‘They’ve been occupying each other in lockdown even more than normal.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jack Newman