Russia Sends 60 Tons of Ventilators, Masks, Respirators and Protective Equipment to the US After Putin Offers Help During Phone Call With Trump – as Critics Claim It’s a Propaganda Gift to Kremlin

The shipment includes much-needed ventilators, respirators, masks and other personal protective equipment

Russia sent 60 tons of medical supplies to the United States to help combat the coronavirus after Russian President Vladimir Putin offered them to President Donald Trump when the two spoke on Monday, a senior administration official told

The supplies landed at John F. Kennedy airport in New York on Wednesday and were criticized on both sides of the Atlantic. American officials questioned Putin’s motives in making the offer and Russian health officials described their own needs for such equipment.

Putin made the offer of help to Trump, who accepted it.

‘President Putin offered President Trump during their conversation Monday,’ a senior Administration official told

‘As an act of goodwill, yesterday, Russia delivered a planeload of equipment and supplies at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Likewise, the United States is sending equipment and supplies to many other countries, and will continue to do more as we are able,’ the official said.

The cargo plane carried 60 tons of ventilators, masks, respirators and protective equipment at a time when the United States is struggling to meet the demands of health care workers who are on the frontline.

‘Russia sent us a very, very large planeload of things, medical equipment, which was very nice,’ President Trump told reporters at the White House Monday during his daily press briefing.

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Source: Daily Mail