‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Reveals How her Brain Tumor Battle Inspired her to Write ‘A Prairie Devotional’

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As a toddler, Wendi Lou Lee starred in one of the most unforgettable Christian and family-friendly television shows: Little House on the Prairie.

Now, 45 years later, her recently released book is a mixture of a one-of-a-kind inside glimpse as well as a devotional that draws on Scripture and God to look back on the iconic show’s biggest themes.

“I want [readers] to be inspired to live like Charles and Caroline Ingles,” Lee said during a recent The Pure Flix Podcast interview. “To be devoted to their faith and have that love for their families and then also just like be really determined to spread kindness to the people around them.”

She continued, “That’s what Charles and Caroline Ingles did—that was their hope, to live this life to the best of their ability, honoring their faith to God and being good to the people around them.”

Listen to Lee’s powerful personal story:

Her new book, A Prairie Devotional, weaves together anecdotes and her memories from the show with Scripture and biblical themes in such a way that fans of the show will start to think deeper on events in the episodes.

Lee explained that if it wasn’t for a brain tumor diagnosis, surgery and recovery, she might have never written the book.

“I think that our most difficult circumstances are usually the moments when we discover who we really are and why God put us on this earth,” she said, reflecting on her 2015 diagnosis.

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SOURCE: Charisma News