Downsides of Technology on Our Generation We Keep Ignoring

Technology is one of the biggest inventions in history, and it has brought many opportunities for everyone. It created many new jobs and made existing ones easier than we could ever imagine. However, all these benefits came with a toll that we have been reluctant to admit for a long time. Here I have shared how technology is affecting us and our future generations.

Weak Mental Health

Too much screen time makes us weak; physically and mentally. While some of us exercise and follow a healthy diet to keep our body fit, we don’t do anything for our mental health. We are surrounded by technology and are always using at least one of its forms. Our entertainment is technology, our study is technology, and our job is technology. When we are not on computers working, we are on mobile phones or television binge-watching Netflix.

No Privacy Anymore

People like to prove that they have a great life to get praise from others. Social media provided them an opportunity to pour their heart out. Today, we update status with pictures, location, and description every time we eat. This way, the world learns more about us than we had planned. It’s just as Will Smith once said in one of his interviews: “Our generation was stupid, but we were stupid in private.” That’s not the case today.

So Many Addictions

Screen time is itself an addiction, but we have many more related to technology. The first one is Porn. Technology has made porn easily accessible to everyone. People are so addicted to it that they ignore their spouses for it. In an article on mspylite, it was argued that watching porn is cheating, and we do it every day.

Same is the addiction to gaming. We don’t even realize how time flies once we start playing. Gaming has become a profession for some, but other 99.99% people simply keep wasting their time and mental health by spending continuous hours on the screen.

An Opportunity for Predators

The internet has provided a platform for the darkest creatures in human form. There are people who follow kids on social media, and we have discussed how we don’t keep anything private online. This puts our kids on a potential risk of not only online abuse but also kidnapping. The dark web is the hub of pedophiles and producers of child pornography.


Like there were already not enough bullies on educational institutes and workplaces, now the internet is another place to get bullied. Cyberbullying is worst of all bullying as it is open for the whole world to see. Once something goes on the internet, it’s never coming down again. People happily share violence to increase their followers.

Most of us enjoy watching violent videos, thanks to our mentality and easy access to our darkest fantasies. Cyberbullying is so dangerous that even powerful politicians and celebrities couldn’t do anything about it when they became a victim. How well can you protect your children when they are always using the internet?