4 Christians Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Clinic in North Carolina During Stay-at-Home Order

(Facebook/Steve Noble)

Four Christians were arrested for praying outside an abortion clinic in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Saturday, March 28. On Monday, police arrested seven more people for the same act.

PJ Media reports that local radio host Steve Noble, who recorded the arrests, says the prayer groups abided by the government’s regulations by limiting the gathering.

The video shows one officer commanding the men to return to their vehicles.

“I’m gonna tell you now: You need to return to your vehicles,” the officer said. “You’ve got a choice right now to make, all right? You can choose to comply with what I’m telling you, or you’re going to be charged. … Right now, I am giving you a command to leave this location.”

When the men refused to comply, the officer arrested them.

The Washingon Examiner reports that the four men on Saturday were protesting, but Noble maintains the men were simply exercising their religious rights to pray.

“They were exercising their First Amendment rights [to] assemble and to exercise their religious beliefs,” Noble says. “They believe they are allowed to be there under the exemption clauses of the local county order.”

He posted a video on Facebook of the arrest on Monday:

He later posted another video on Facebook of the men who were arrested, saying they had been released.

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SOURCE: Charisma News