NFL Agent Buddy Baker’s Parents Both Die of Coronavirus Complications Six Minutes Apart

Longtime NFL agent Buddy Baker has lost his not one but both of his parents to COVID-19, he announced Tuesday afternoon.

Baker posted a video to Twitter sharing the news and imploring viewers: Take CDC and social-distancing measures seriously.

“As many of you know my parents recently contracted COVID-19 and unfortunately passed away this past Sunday due to complications,” Baker said in the video. “My parents were amazing people. They were married 51-plus years and they passed away six minutes apart.

“Just a few weeks ago, they were in perfect health.”

Baker, whose Pro Bowl clients have included Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin and Colts tight end Jack Doyle, said he hopes his parents’ deaths can prompt action and positive change. Wash your hands, stay home and practice social distancing, he said.

“We live in a world of, ‘It can’t happen to me, it can’t happen to us, it can’t happen to my family.’ Well, it happened to us,” he said. “I’d like to take this time to make people start thinking about making a change.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Jori Epstein