Wycliffe USA Helps Christians Meaningfully Connect with Each Other in the Age of Social Distancing

Map of worldwide lockdowns due to the coronavirus. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

We weren’t made for social distancing, but it might be an opportunity to examine our potentially half-hearted interactions with others.

With roughly 20% of the world population in lockdown, Beth Matheson from Wycliffe USA points out social distancing has revealed how hollow our in-person interactions often are. “We all are pretty good at the social niceties of, ‘Hi, how you doing? I’m fine.’ But I think a lot of us now are realizing that you need more than that.”

The devotional

The new Wycliffe devotional Lessons from Lesser Knowns is intended to be used in a group of people having dinner together. But Matheson says this kind of interaction can be done over the internet as well. People have more ways to connect now than ever before, and Matheson encourages Christians to make their interactions with other people meaningful.

And to do that, our interactions must be grounded in the Gospel. The devotional features six different Bible passages, but not the kind you might see at women’s conferences or in a craft store. “These are forgotten and overlooked passages that talk about how God loves people who are forgotten and overlooked. He wants his people to have the same heart for marginalized people.”

The devotional comes with international recipes for each lesson, and Matheson encourages Christians to visit Wycliffe.org/dinnerparty to learn more.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that the coronavirus will recede quickly so social distancing can end.
  • Pray that Christians all around the world can connect effectively with each other through the internet.
  • Ask God to build the kingdom of Christ all around the world during this outbreak.