WATCH: Orphaned Puppies Odie and Carmel Roam Around an Empty Georgia Aquarium and Get to Visit with Sharks After the Space Closed Because of Coronavirus Plague

It can be a ruff life for orphaned dogs living in shelters – but two Georgia puppies got a taste of freedom when they were given the chance to roam around the state’s aquarium, which has been closed as a result of the coronavirus.

In a video posted to the Georgia Aquarium’s Twitter account, the two pups are seen happily wandering around the Ocean Voyager habitat, gazing at the fish and enjoying the chance to run around such a large, open space.

‘No ruff days here, just a couple of cute puppers from @AtlantaHumane exploring our Ocean Voyager habitat,’ the video, which racked up more than 67,500 views after being posted on Thursday, was captioned.

Pup patrol: Two orphaned dogs were allowed to roam around an empty Georgia aquarium after it closed down amid the coronavirus pandemic
Friends: Odie and Carmel are currently housed at the Atlanta Human Society, but they were given a taste of freedom on Thursday when they got to visit the aquarium
Under the sea: The dogs seemed fascinated by all of the fish in the Ocean Voyager habitat

In the adorable clip, the two puppies, named Odie and Carmel, are seen walking around the empty aquarium, staring up at all of the different creatures inside the enormous tank, which dwarfs the two tiny canines.

At one point, they are seen taking a snooze in a viewing window while a huge shark swims around in the background.

Another video, shared by the Atlanta Humane Society, shows the puppies cuddling up to their handlers while gazing at the fish, before running around together and playing.

‘Our puppies just had the best. day. ever,’ the shelter’s tweet read. ‘They got to explore the @GeorgiaAquarium while it is closed to the public. They made all sorts of exciting discoveries and lots of new friends!’

‘Thanks for stopping by!’ the Georgia Aquarium replied. ‘So glad Odie and Carmel got to make some new fish friends. Hope they enjoyed their puppy field trip.’