WATCH: Heavyweight Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Shows there’s Still Fight in the Old Dog as he Playfully Spars with his Pet While Self-quarantining

Tyson is currently in self quarantine with his dog as he looks to avoid catching coronavirus

Mike Tyson showed he’s lost none of the frightening speed and agility from his fighting days after a playful spar with his pet pooch.

 The former heavyweight world champion is currently self quarantined with his dog at home as he looks to avoid catching coronavirus.

But despite being cooped up at home, that hasn’t stopped Tyson from sharpening his famed boxing tools as he did a workout from his kitchen.

The 53-year-old, who was wearing a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and white running trainers, started by holding his guard high and inviting his dog over for a play fight.

‘Come on Mars, you want some?’ he said.

The confused pooch initially walked away before circling back around and walking towards Tyson like a plucky opponent in the ring.

Tyson then crouched down to his knees and began unloading playful jabs and hooks towards his pet while bouncing on the spot.

Much like many of the fighters he fought during his career, Mars decided not to engage and quickly sped past the legendary knockout artist.

After their brief bout, Tyson uploaded a video of the exchange on an Instagram account he’s created for Mars.

The caption posted with the video read: ‘I went easy on him.’

Mars’ account has already racked up over 6,000 Instagram followers in the space of a few short hours, with the three posts on the account attracting scores of likes and comments.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Alec Fenn